Fat Babe Creative is based in Kaskaskia land (Columbus, OH).
It is designed and powered by me, Tiata - They/Them. 
A black, queer, fat babe with a passion for art, fashion, and sustainability. 

Fat Babe Creative is a space I created to express myself through multiple artistic outlets. 
I have had a passion for creative self expression since I was a child. That passion was then squashed over the years by capitalism, evangelicalism, and many people "meaning well". These things convinced me I couldn't pursue or survive with art.
But I have come to learn that I cannot survive without art. 
This platform is a space created in part to heal my inner child. 




Custom Orders:

Do you have a blanket, t-shirt, garment, or any sort of linen you'd like made into a tote or hat?
Contact me and we can discuss what that will entail! Patience is appreciated! 



Thank you for your support, and for investing in a black and queer owned business. 
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