My main goal is to produce useful accessories and clothing in ways that minimize the negative effects of consumer capitalism on our environment.
Fat Babe Creative is my attempt to combat that. 

We must also acknowledge that while fast-fashion may be harmful to our environment, it is ACCESSIBLE. Besides the affordability, as a fat person sometimes fast-fashion is our only option
(Read's article on this topic here).

I would love to see a future where well-made slow-fashion is just as accessible. 

Did ya know?

-The average US American throws away 68 lbs of clothing yearly. 

-It takes anywhere from 6 months to 80 years for clothing to break down in landfills. 

-It takes 700 gallons of water to produce a single cotton t-shirt.

-Most garment makers are paid way below living wages. Ranging from $97 USD/month in Bangladesh to $6/hr in the US. 

-Approximately 300 million people who produce/work cotton are still living in poverty. 


Good news:
-99% of used clothing is recyclable


I source materials from local thrift stores and yard/garage/estate sales, use fabric scraps and donations.

Donations are welcome! Contact me and we can arrange the donation. I offer a one-time 10% off code to anyone who donates!
*Materials/clothing must be agreed upon in order to receive discount*